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Eilian Photo Gallery

Amlwch harbour Eilian Bristol
Eilian berthed at Amlwch quay and ready to start her maiden voyage in 1908. The moustachioed gentleman is Captain Hugh Hughes. Copy of photograph supplied by Robyn Williams.
The auxiliary screw 3-masted schooner Eilian on the River Avon, just upstream from the Clifton suspension bridge at Bristol in 1908; probably waiting to enter the floating dock through the lock gates. Copy supplied by Robyn Williams and Rowland Williams.
Eilian painting storm Eilian-painting-fair
This painting of the Eilian in foul weather, is one of a pair known as Fair and Foul (weather) painted by Reuben Chappell of Goole. The original of 'Foul' shown above is owned by a daughter of Captain Hugh Hughes in the Anglesey (Ynys Mon) village of Moelfre. The signal flags read from the top down and commence with a rectangular flag thus denoting it is in the Commercial International Code which was in use from 1857. It gives the following numbers: H, N, J, R; being Eilian’s international code signal. This painting shows Eilian in her original livery and appears to be sailing under a reefed canvas. There is no wheelhouse, only a whaleback store. EILIAN can be seen painted in yellow on her bow. Copies supplied by Bryan Hope and Rowland Williams.
This painting of the Eilian is one of a pair known as Fair and Foul (weather) painted by Reuben Chappell Foul (weather) painted by Reuben Chappell of Goole. This is the 'Fair', which is owned by a resident of Amlwch. The signal flags are the same as shown in the ‘Foul’ painting. Eilian is shown making maximum use of her canvas in the favourable sailing conditions. Copy supplied by internet site Copper Kingdom.
GP Hartnoll Eilian sailing
George Perryman Hartnoll a former skipper of Eilian, on the sea front at Teignmouth where he was Senior Trinity House Pilot, circa 1946 / 1951.
Eilian between the 28 and 29 March 1924 voyaging from Antwerp, photographed by a Dutch skipper.
Eilian-Burnie Eilian Polperro
Drawing by J.C. Burnie (probably at Runcorn) in 1933. From left to right Eilian, Irish Minstrel and Jane Banks.
Eilian at Polperro circa 1938. Photographed by Tom Hernaman.
Eilian Padstow MN badgeJack Newcombe
A postcard of Padstow outer harbour. The rounded back of the crew companion way can be seen in front of the fore mast and the galley just behind the mast, with a Braunton made ‘Maun’ wicker basket on the deck by the galley entrance; these were used to move cargo. By Mand L National Series.
Jack Newcombe circa 1935. Portrait postcard by R.L. Knight Ltd, 73 / 74 Boutport Street, Barnstaple. Photograph supplied by Brian Hernaman; and the Merchant Navy lapel button-hole badge.
Dad-&-Scally-1 Dad & Scally 2 JN Medals
Cleaning Eilian's decks. Ray Newcombe and on the right his friend Michael Scally, the son of Tom Scally who was the landlord of the Iona Bar at Kingston Dock, Glasgow.
Medal group for John Newcombe.
Eilian Turf Lock Turf Lock lunch
Eilian ice-bound in Turf lock pound, December to early January 1939 / 1940. This photo shows two gaffs (derricks) on the main mast used for lifting cargo; they had a capacity of 1 ton (SWL).
Pub lunch inside the Turf Lock Hotel, August 1994. Norman Newcombe on the left with his brother Ray Newcombe and his wife Sheila née Knill, overlooked by their father Jack Newcombe on the wall behind them.
Eilian spaniel Eilian J Birch
Eilian crew standing on the grating below the steering wheel, this was to ensure drainage of water away from the feet of the helmsman; from the left: Gus Carlsson, Jack Rodwell, Captain George Hartnoll and Mate Jack Newcombe with their spaniel guard dog. No wheel cabin at this time as this photo shows the original ‘whale back’ housing, inside which was the toilet and side lights, it has the makers name plate fixed to it and chocks for the mizzen boom.
Jack Birch and young Tom Hernaman on board Eilian.
Eilian Cardiff Eilian Ilfracombe
Eilian loading coal from the coal tippers at Ely Harbour, Cardiff. Her last voyage was on the 29 August 1957 when she sailed with 210.95 tons of coal for Ilfracombe. The photograph was taken from the Penarth bank of the River Ely. In its’ peek (circa 1930) the Great Western Railway (GWR) shipped coal along its’ Ely Harbour branch rail line to 9 such coal tipper structures and two docks. Copy of photograph supplied by Bryan Hope. Eilian had three wash leafs along each side, the shutter was hinged on the bow side to swing out horizontally. Each hole was rectangular, being about 18 inches (450mm) long and 12 inches (300mm) high with a bar across the middle to stop things falling out when the decks were clearing water.
Eilian at Ilfracombe berthed alongside the quay where she discharged her cargo of coal into Hancock's lorries bound for the power station. By this time she had her bowsprit shortened and no top mast. Photochrom Co. Ltd., Graphic Studios, Tunbridge Wells, Kent.
Eilian Ilfracombe quay Eilian crew
Eilian at Ilfracombe tied up alongside the quay where she discharged her cargo of coal into Hancock's lorries. Copy of photograph supplied by Bryan Hope.
Eilian’s bow at Mevagissey circa 1938, where she was discharging a cargo of coal from Ayr. From the left: Frank Curran; a local man hired for unloading; Frank Hunt resting against the crew companion way and Jack Birch from Orestone, Plymouth who is resting against the water tank which is lashed down. The windlass is in the bow. Photograph by Tom Hernaman.
Eilian Ilfracombe harbour Eilian 1957
Colour Postcard S390 showing Eilian and the ship behind called Mary Stewart in identical colours of a light blue (grey) top, red middle and black (tarred) bottom. By D.H. Greaves, Ltd, Scarborough. Circa 1955.
Eilian at anchor in Ilfracombe inner harbour circa 1957. The numbers painted down her bow are from 9 at the top, then 8, 7, 6, 5 and 4 at sea level. Photographed by the Western Morning News, ref. E342/C.
Hoan Kamina
Colour photograph of Hoan (formerly Eilian) probably at Egernsund in Denmark circa 1959. She was painted with a light blue hull and white superstructure with yellow on the deck structures. This much altered Eilian (Hoan) still shows the three wash holes in her side, with the horizontal object blocking bars, but without the wash leaves.
Kamina at Assens, circa 1975. Photograph supplied by Hanne Poulsen of the Danish Maritime Museum. This is the most recent photo I have of Eilian.


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