Marcus Curtius


Newcombe Information


My discovery of the above printed Newcombe pedigree and coat of arms in the book called Devonshire Pedigrees, by John Tuckett inspired my imagination and interest in family history.


I first started being interested in family history when I left home at the age of 16 years to study Building at the South Devon Technical College, Newton Road, St. Mary's, Torquay. I lodged near the college during the week and spent the weekends back home with my parents in Ivybridge.

On one trip home in September 1972 I was early at the bus stop near to Torquay Town Hall and I noticed the public library entrance, so having spare time, I crossed the road and marvelled at all the books they had on display in the library and especially the reference section. Whilst in the reference library I discovered a book concerning surnames and was amazed to find my surname of Newcombe described therein. I made a remark to the librarian and she showed me the Local History room where I discovered a book called Devonshire Pedigrees, by John Tuckett, published in 1859. I was flabbergasted to find a Newcombe pedigree and thereafter I became a frequent visitor to the local history library to discover more about the Devonshire Newcombe's.


The research into my mum and dad's ancestry has never ceased, nor has my interest diminished over time; it has been my life-long hobby.


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