The Newcombe family of Devonshire, England; researched and published by Peter R. Newcombe.

The progenitor of the Newcombe family is John Newcombe alias John Newecomene who was born about 1350 probably somewhere to the North of Dartmoor in the County of Devon.

Ray Newcombe's coat of arms with the design based upon a document signed and sealed by John Newcombe of Inwardleigh, dated 19 January 1680 and archived with the Devon Record Office: Document reference: Okehampton 3248 A/11/681. It appears possible that the aforementioned armigerous (although unrecorded by the heralds) John Newcombe is something like the 7th great grand uncle to Ray Newcombe. The armorial bearings of John Newcombe are not tinctured, so I have selected the colours using good heraldic rules. Arms: Gules, on a chief dancette of two pieces (emaunchee) azure, an arrow in pale, point uppermost argent, between two (plump) martlets wings closed facing dexter or. Crest: A hawk (I have chosen a Goshawk) rising, wings expanded and inverted proper, belled or. The Martlet bird is an heraldic form of the Swift and combined with the arrow is very apposite. Drawn (with assumed tinctures) by Peter R. Newcombe . Motto: Advena dubium Neucomes (Newcomers doubt and not companions) i.e. doubt the word of a stranger before that of your friends. This is a motto having a punning reference to the surname Newcombe in Latin; and also when translated into English. Stabilis means 'firm, stable, steady or steadfast'. These mottoes have been devised by Peter R. Newcombe and have no historical significance.